Ladies and gentlemen!

At your disposal, there are several options for solving the problem of video shooting from the air, depending on the size and weight of the camera, monitoring the video signal during the flight, additional camera control capabilities, recording formats and direct television broadcasts.

At the moment the line of FLY CARLSON copters consists of several models of DJI (Inspire 2,  Phantom 4pro, Mavic2 Pro, S800, S1000) with various types of cameras, including X5S and X7 cameras with recording capabilities up to 6K and bitrate up to 4 , 2 Gb / sec on SSD disk in RAW formats DNG and ProRes444 / ProRes RAW for film production and advertising, and in H264 and H265 codecs on microSD cards for TV production. There is also a solution for shooting with the octocopter for the movie cameras ARRI mini and RED.

Standard range of any type of FLY CARLSON copter in the open air in the line of sight – up to 800 m, height – 300 m. If required the range and the height can be increased by use of additional equipment.

Flight carried two people: the pilot and the operator. Turning time – 15 minutes.

Average time of continuous flight – 12-15 min. (Maximum 20 min. for Mavic2 Pro).

Operating frequency bands are allowed for use almost worldwide.

All  FLY CARLSON copters  have extra sets of batteries (4 to 10 sets), that allows to fly almost continuously with  short landings  to replace the batteries (3 – 5 minutes) if there is a 220V or 12V power supply on the location to charge batteries. Otherwise the required break for charging lasts from 1,5 to 2,5 hours.

FLY CARLSON team consists of a pilot with solid experience in operation of radio-controlled models of helicopters and planes over 15 years, engineer, director, film and television operator with experience of over 30 years.

So, we fly not only according to your instructions, but we are also able to offer unique solutions to flying at very difficult paths implying complicated movement patterns, while varying the height, radius and angle.

We can offer special technical solutions for the air live television broadcasting in quality FHD (1920×1080, 50i or 50p) without interference.

Usually the flights are carried by two pilots: Dmytro Kolos and Valerio Vergelesov.

We engage our assistant if continuous operation is required or we use some model of Copter. When working in special or crowded places we need special solutions for flights as well as ask event producer to organize extra security.

Perfect weather for flying – calm or  steady wind.It is unfortunately impossible to fly during rain, snow or very strong gusts of wind.

Examples of our flights can be viewed on YouTube and FaceBook,  FLY CARLSON channel.

Thanks to cooperation with the leading TV channels of Ukraine, Tajikistan, Georgia and Armenia, we carry out live air broadcasts at all major events of our countries with the participation of top officials, including parades for the Independence Day, visits of the Pope, sports events (Olympic broadcasts, auto racing, wakeboarding, snowboarding , equestrian competitions) and the largest music festivals and concerts (EuroVision Song Contest, Atlas Weekend, Black Sea Games, M1 Music Award, Big wedding, …).

Colleagues from travel companies, production and post-production studios from different countries use our opportunities to shoot movies and TV series (Swingers, Only miracle, Noble wolves, Maids, Thunderstorm on Tikhoretskaya, Refugee, …) of promotional and presentation videos (the top 20 hotels in Turkey, Oriflame, Guerline, Scanroc, Audi, BMW, Smart, New Mail, UkrZaliznytsya, CRB, …).